10 statements on my next project (June 1, 2017)

I wrote this list of statements in the WS with Frederic Gies on the last day of M1. It was a game, but my friend Yari Stilo really liked it and called it “a piece”, so I leave it here to share with the others. It is an workshop exercise from the everybody’s toolbox (everybodystoolbox.net).


“10 statements on my next project (June 1. 2017)”

  1. I will read “The order of things”.
  2. I will keep asking myself the question of ‘production’.
  3. I will not worry about selling my piece or getting into the market, or how to make it after finishing the school.
  4. I will not think about finishing the work.
  5. I will share my work more with the others.
  6. I will be generous with time for myself and to others.
  7. I will also be quick and daring for myself and others.
  8. I will trust my ideas, thoughts and practice, while I stay open to new influences.
  9. I will find “the other space”.
  10. I will dance.


修士1年目の最後の日にFrederic Giesのワークショップで書いたテキスト。友人のYari Stiloがとても喜んで「これは作品だ」と言ってくれたので、ここに置いておく。10のステートメントは、ダンスに関するコモンズのウェブサイトeverybody’s toolbox (everybodystoolbox.net)からのエクササイズ。いつか、見返したらなにか気づかされるかもしれないな。